Saturday, January 11, 2020

Vision 2222 (Malaysia Forever)

So Vision 2020 has come and gone. Mission accomplished?

Of course, not!

We mustn't rest on our laurels. We've only just begun. We shouldn't settle for less.

Flying cars? World Cup Champion? Global halal tourism/finance/aerospace hub?

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Kacang puith! Sap-sap sui!

We must aim for the stars. We must think 10 steps ahead of our rivals. We're in the end-game now.

And our end-game is WORLD DOMINATION!


Malaysia in Year 2222: One Face, One Race

* * *

I'm really excited for Malaysia's future. There's so much potential within us.

The Year 2222 is not far-off. 202 years will pass in a blink of an eye. We need to start planning now!

So here are four moon-shot goals for Vision 2222:

1. Revive dinosaurs

Yes, we will build the world's first Jurassic Park. Grow dinosaurs from fossilised DNA trapped in rock, ice, pollen, or whatever. Imagine avowing kids from around the world! T-Rex. Triceratops. Velociraptors. Brontosaurus. Godzilla. King Kong. Kaiju. Dragons of Ice and Fire. You name it, we got it! The possibilities are endless. The adults can have fun, too. We can build a coliseum, organise monster fights, and take bets (don't worry, just like Genting, this will be 100% confirm halal by SIRIM). ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? RAWR!

The secret code word: "Negaraku"

2. Build a clone army

Whilst the world is busy tinkering with AI, machine learning and robots, we prefer to play GOD. Humans are the smartest and strongest living being in the universe. So why bother with lesser life forms? The technology is out there, somewhere. We don't even need to research from scratch. All we need to do is contact the Kaminoans, outsource through our tried-and-tested Ali Baba style, and - BOOM - we have a clone army to take over the galaxy! So whose DNA should we replicate? Hang Tuah, of course! With a clone army of millions of Hang Tuah, Malaysia will be UNSTOPPABLE!

Hang Tuah in Space 

3. Capture the Infinity Stones

There's a lot of mysterious power in the universe we're only beginning to fathom. No worries, our petroleum money is enough to buy over S.H.I.E.L.D. and their secrets. I know a guy who knows a guy who used to work with a lady whose brother-in-law is the former gym trainer of Nick Fury. Alternatively, we can always try the Jedi Council hotline to contact Master Windu (Spoiler: Disney owns both Marvel and Star Wars). After that, the easy part is beating Thanos to the 6 Infinity Stones...

"I give up, Malaysia... All yours!"

4. Build a time machine

Once we've achieved all that by 2222, we'll rule the universe for sure. But why should our empire only start running from then on? We can go back in time and rewrite history! We can bring forward our achievements from Year 2222 to Year 2020 instead! And to do that, we have to build a time machine to send back all our 2222 technology back to Malaysia before 2020. Best thing is, there's already a prototype in the works - a flying car called DeLorean...

Back to Vision 2020

* * *

I have plenty more ideas for Vision 2222, of course. But those are the Top 4 game-changing ones.

Malaysia will rule the universe by Vision 2222!

It's our destiny. Prophecy says so. It's written in the stars. The Force wills it. Everything will be awesome. We'll get there eventually. It's our destiny. Miracles can happen. We're God's Chosen Ones. Prophecy says so. Everything will be awesome. The Force wills it. It's our destiny...

How do I know all this? Where do I get such crazy ideas? Why am I so bloody sure they will work?

Ah, remember about the flying-car time machine thingy? Take a guess who has the keys to the ignition...

Wawasan 2222

Malaysia Boleh

Malaysia Forever

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