Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Vision 2020 (Malaysia Boleh)

Finally! It's here! The year the prophecy will be fulfilled!

Vision 2020...

The day Malaysia will be the greatest country in the world!

Whoops, wrong memo...

The day Malaysia will be the most developed country in Asia!

Wait, let me check Wikipedia again...

The day Malaysia will be a self-sustaining industrialised nation!

Hmm, oh well, still good enough... way better than being a country mired in economic stagnancy, political corruption and social mediocrity, right? Right?

The promised land / centre of the universe / ultimate superpower

* * *

Vision 2020

Oh, we were promised so much! Our leaders said it was our destiny! To go where no Malaysian has gone before!

Flying cars.

Asia's Silicon Valley.

Football team lifting the World Cup.

Global halal food/tourism/finance/entertainment/fashion/aerospace/e-sports hub.

Sitting on the Iron Throne.

We haven't quite got there yet. But no worries!

There's a year left. Miracles can happen. We'll get there eventually. Everything will be awesome. It's just a matter of time. It's our destiny. Prophecy says so. Our leaders couldn't be wrong. It's in our blood. It's destiny. Miracles can happen. Everything will be awesome. We'll get there eventually. There's a year left. Our leaders couldn't be wrong. Prophecy says so. Everything will be awesome...

Um... er... because... you know... what was that again... ah yes...

Malaysia Boleh!

* * *

Vision 2020

The best part growing up with Vision 2020 constantly bombarded into consciousness every day (via governmental slogans, statements, songs, etc.) was getting extra marks in our national language (Bahasa Melayu) essay exam by merely name-dropping the two very special words (Wawasan 2020)...

What will drive the Malaysian economy? Vision 2020

How do we tackle juvenile delinquency? Vision 2020

Why is city life better than rural life? Vision 2020

Why should free speech be restricted? Vision 2020

You are a bicycle (Saya sebuah basikal). Vision 2020

It's like a magical wand that waves away any problem. The key to unlock every vault. The password that hacks through every computer.

Malaysia Boleh!

Advanced prototype of the world's first one-shot-planet-killing Star Destroyer - 100% made in Malaysia, compatible with Infinity Stones (+150% power), code-named 'Ops Keris Jaya'

* * *

How can any Malaysian not get hyped up about the New Year?

Our time is NOW! Destiny comes! All other countries in the world shall bend the knee before us!

It's going to happen... Right? Right?

Damn right, bro! Haters gonna hate, yo! WAWASAN 2020, b***h!

Indeed, 2020 will be a super epic awesome year for Malaysia. The United Nations will give us exclusive veto power (and strip others from theirs). Taylor Swift to marry our royalty (HATERS GONNA HATE!). Crazy Rich Asians rebooted with a full Malaysian cast (eat that, Singapore!)




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