Here, I will keep a news feed and log on general housekeeping matters, mainly on changes to the site.

There's nothing exciting going on here. It's just the backstage - except there's no hot models getting dressed. So even if you give this page a miss, you're not missing much.

2 October 2013
  • Changed the site's favicon (the tiny icon on the left side of the browser tab) to a flashy one emblazoned with the letter "R" (thanks, Pou Leen!).

8 October 2013
  • Changed the font size for all pages to 12pt (Verdana) - by manually modifying each page's HTML code (I can't quite figure out how to modify the main template itself - help!).

10 October 2013
  • Changed the cover photo (designed by Pou Leen - thanks again!), and set it as the template thumbnail photo that appears on Facebook's Newsfeed and Timeline whenever the site's links are posted and shared there.

1 November 2013
  • Constructed the "Articles" link (finally!)

26 July 2014
  • Added 'Popular Posts' link at the bottom of each webpage (I usually detest cluttering up the site with unnecessary links; but this is helpful clutter for readers, I suppose)