What you see here, is not my work alone.

There are a fine bunch of people I feel eternally grateful to - for inspiring me to write, helping me design my site, giving constructive feedback for improvements, sharing my work to others and just being there when I simply needed someone to talk to. They range from my good friends to someone I have never even met in real life before!

This is not a final list. As time passes, as more people join me in my journey along the way, the list will grow. 

And in no particular order of relevance, here they are:

  • Tee Ann Jie
  • Low Pou Leen
  • Ch'ng Eu Vern
  • Nadia Yap
  • Eddie Yee Choon Kit
  • Julian Tan
  • Lim Ming Wang
  • Jojo Tan
  • Razif Nasardin
  • Samantha Chew
  • Simon Kok
  • Jaime Lai

Thanks for everything, people!