Friday, January 11, 2019

Happily Ever After (Samantha & Eddie)

On 5 January 2019, I attended the wedding of a childhood bestie, bro, bae (or whatever they're called these days). I was the groomsman. Aside from attending church (first time since, I don't know, 2015?) and keeping an eye on the alcohol, my solemn duty was giving a speech during the wedding dinner.

I shared the stage with two others. Midway through dinner, after the bride's side had spoken, crowd getting a bit restless. I was the first to speak. And as one of my co-speakers put it neatly later, an important tip of delivering a good wedding speech is knowing when to shut up.

So I had to improvise, mainly by cutting my speech short. Anyway, here's the full version of it...

No water flowing down the aisle, though

* * *

Once upon a time in Ipoh, I met CK. That's how we used to call him back in Ipoh. I hope it's fine if I call him that now, instead of Eddie, just for old time's sake? We met in school. We were never classmates. And like most guys at that age, we bonded through two ways - cybercafes and clubbing.

In high school, we used to hang out in cybercafes. CK wasn't very good in the games. He didn't have high scores, didn't rank high in the leaderboard. But that's when I realise something special about CK. When asked to turn left, he will turn left. When asked to rush to the front, he would rush and be first to die.

And that's all because CK is a team player. Always taking instructions, backing you up. He's not selfish, he doesn't try to be the Alpha Male. He's helpful, and willing to sacrifice for others. Whether in computer games, or sports like football, CK plays for the team, not himself.

College... We didn't hang out much in college. He went off to KL first, whilst I was stuck behind doing Form 6. That's where he started hanging out with the Subang hipster kids and elites, ain't got time for Ipoh kiddos like me.

When we started working, that's when I regained my 'coolness' in his eyes. So we started out hanging again - in clubs. Don't worry, Sam! I'm the out-of-control hangover maniac. CK? He's the most responsible party-goer I know. Till today, I've never seen CK pissed drunk, randomly hitting on chicks, or waking up with a tattoo and ear missing. CK can really hold his drink - which I hear is a requirement to be part of the Capel family...

Ipoh Mali

What I admire most about CK - and yes, also most envious about - is his commitment. With his dashing good looks and charm, you would expect him to be player, like Barney or Edison Chen. But no, he's more of a Ted, or a Tony Leung. He's an old-fashioned, old-school romantic. He's a gentleman.

CK is not a crazy rich Asian. He's a caring normal Asian. The best thing about CK is how real he is. In a world where people is trying so hard to be special and different, CK just tries to be himself.

He smokes, he drinks, he gambles...

He cares, he feels, he loves...

To all you ladies out there - you're unlucky, so unlucky that you never got to CK before Sam did. And to all you guys out there - you're a dude, CK's a MAN! A handsome, muscular man. Okay, not quite as tall as a Thunder God, but still a MAN! CK... He's everything in a man that a boy aspires to be. He's everything in a man that a woman desires to see.

I may not know CK as well as some of you, but what I do know for a certainty is that he'll make a good husband, and a good father... By father, I mean hypothetically. Sam's not preg... This is not a shotgun... You know what I mean. You know, as well I know, how marriages these days can be fleeting. People not marrying for the right reasons...

But not these two! Samantha and Eddie - they're the real deal. They're the fairy-tale couple.

And they will live happily ever after. The end.

* * *

Thanks for the lovely wedding, Samantha & Eddie (aka CK). Thanks for giving hope to random dudes like myself that we can find everlasting love, someday. I sailed through the entire night without passing out - so that's some instant progress right there. Cheers!

Friends Forever

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