Thursday, April 21, 2016

I Miss You, Baby

My baby's gone.

I feel so lost, so helpless. Groping like a blind man. Darkness everywhere.

My heart goes cold. My mind can't focus on anything but you, my love. Every night, I lay awake, thinking. Is this truly the end? How did it all go so wrong? Would you ever come back?

And in my waking hours, emoness sinks in. I turn on Kodaline. All I ever wanted was you, baby, and nothing more. I seek solace in The Script. But nothing works. All I have is nothing. NOTHING!!!

It's only a week, and I miss her like crazy...

I died a little bit inside... I lay in tears in bed all night 

Life Without You Sucks

What a tragedy - my beloved computer died on me last week. Gone. Blackout.

But there is hope! Customer service reassures me that only a part has been broken and needs replacing.

I must say, living without a computer isn't easy. Feels like I've lost a limb. Or having my hands tied behind my back all day. Yes, that's how much a computer means to me, that's how much I depend on it.

Most of my work is done on my computer. If I'm an artist, Microsoft Office is my canvas, ink and paintbrush. I'm poring over the screen 8 hours per day on average. Without a computer, I cease to be functional and productive.

Sure, I still have my smartphone and tablet. But they're different. They are devices for consumption, not creation. Their tools are basic - enough to make a sandcastle, but not enough to build a tower. Also, I'm rather backward, in a way. I find it hard to manoeuvre without a keyboard and a mouse. I never got the hang of the touchpad of laptops to move the cursor. Touch screen is easier than a mouse to navigate, of course - but it's still a blunt tool when it comes to creative work like writing, drawing and calculating.

There's a famous rumour how Steve Jobs (or some other tech whiz) keeps the kids away form iPads. I can see why. Tablets are a lot like TV - all you do is read and watch. Sure, you can download game apps, just like hooking up a PlayStation to your TV - but then all you do is play. Nothing beats a real book, going outdoors and meeting people.

Primitive men didn't need computers. To a hunter, a sharp spear was pivotal for survival. But times have changed, spurred by technology. To a modern man, complex machines are essential for evolution.

I'm not the strongest or smartest. But a computer can do magic. It adds weight to your punch, lift to your leap.

I can't imagine life without computers. It's like being lost in the woods without a sharp object in hand.

I miss you, badly. I feel so lost and helpless, when you're gone. Please come back, baby.


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  1. lol, i almost cried, i remember my baby died also, this was a tragic moment for me also, but i can cheer you up by sharing this post with you!enjoy