Sunday, May 1, 2016

When In Ipoh, Eat Curry Mee

Dear Malaysians, quick test: if you're making a short stop at Ipoh, what food you die-die also must try?

Chicken hor fun?


Dim sum?

Seriously, stop googling for every shit.

Yong tau fu?

That's it, get the f**k out of Ipoh right now!

And The Award Goes To...

Okay, fine. You're clueless. Your friends from Ipoh aren't true foodies, or maybe they're the elite wannabes who hang out at bars on weeknights playing darts and downing beer from cheap watered-down towers that taste like piss. You don't know any better. You need expert advice.

Take it from me, as a true born-and-bred Ipoh mali homie.

The best food Ipoh has to offer is...



The One And Only

Yes, no shit.

I know what you're thinking: "Aiyo, how can? Penang, Sarawak - okay, can accept lah. Ipoh? Since when Ipoh got curry mee geh? How come never hear before wan?"

How come? That's because you don't eat with your mouth, but with your ears and eyes. That's because you're not a traveller, but a tourist. That's because you don't see Ipoh as a destination, but a box to tick off your checklist.

You must be thinking next: "Okay okay, believe you, must be good. But even better than hor fun and dim sum? Sure boh?"

Yes, super sure! Ask any other true-blood Ipoh folk based out of town what food they crave for each time they return home for the holidays, and high chance they'll say "Curry mee!". In fact, most Ipoh folks don't usually dine in those packed restaurants that serve those other 'famous' food - only tourists go there.

Dim sum? Plenty of good restaurants serve that in Malaysia. And nothing beats the taste of Hong Kong's, anyway.

Hor fun? Overrated. Chicken taste like any other fresh chicken. The dish is just as bland as it's meant to be.

Yong Tau Foo? A little special, yes. The fish balls, fish cakes, and condiments are all home-made. But there's plenty of other places - in Malaysia and other Oriental countries - that serve just as good stuff, if not better.

Ipoh curry mee? It's unique, special, one-of-a-kind. It taste like home. It's the most authentic recipe coming out of Ipoh.

(If any Ipoh homie tells you otherwise, they're idiots and deserve to have their address removed from their IC and electoral roll.)


Travel Far, Eat Right

When I travel, I want to taste food that's unique to that place, so unique that nowhere else has it, so unique that the food has a special place in my memory, so unique that thinking about the place makes me think of the food and vice versa.

It's not just an Ipoh thing. When I go to Penang, I'll hunt for char kueh tiaw. When I'm in Sarawak, it's Sarawak laksa.

Same thing all around the world. Every city is iconic for something. So eat what's iconic there. When in Rome, order pizza. When in Barcelona, try fideuĂ  (just like paella, but noodles instead of rice). When in Melbourne, don't miss their steak.

So remember, foodies. When in Ipoh, eat curry mee.


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