Monday, May 11, 2020

Feeling Good, Like You Should (Stay Safe, Stay Sane)

It's been a strange week or so.

Many things happened that shouldn't because many things that should happen didn't.

In other words, the world is spiraling into chaos - politics, economy, education, etc. I don't even know where to start. I don't even want to start. I could go on ranting and ranting till the coronavirus goes away.
It's pointless complaining, anyway. So many variables remain unknown. So many things are beyond control. Best to mind our own business, our own work, our private lives.

Sadly, that didn't go too well past week either. Trivial matters blow up into conflicts. Talk turns toxic.

But let's not go there either. Venting publicly at people - even on an anonymous basis - just seems immature. Yes, it's one way of de-stressing. But the better way is just to let it go, don't think about it, and focus on happy thoughts.

In the end, I managed to get through this tough week not breaking anything or screaming at anyone. I'm proud of myself. How did I do it? By feeling good, like I should.

Every day is Sunday

It's the virus getting into our heads. I really think so. We're isolated in our homes. We fret about the future. We can't do things that we really, really want to do. Our patience is fraying. Frustration is boiling.

I keep wishing people on Zoom calls and emails to 'stay safe' during this whole lockdown period. And most people have been holding up well. But I think I'm missing the bigger problem, the bigger danger...

"Stay safe, stay sane."

Yes, that's what we should be wishing each other more. It may not be the nicest and politically correct thing to say. But it's important reminder we should keep telling ourselves and our loved ones.

Yes, I really think we're starting to lose our sanity. Stress. Depression. We're not thinking straight. We're not behaving rationally.

It's called 'cabin fever'. People go 'loco' after prolonged isolation. Happens a lot in horror movies. Some person starts killing everybody else in sight (typically starting off with a poor doggy). Scary shit.

Stay stay, stay sane.

Me? I'm fine, thanks for asking. I'm used to dealing with disappointments. I know how it hurts seeing our well-laid plans crumble to dust by a random snap of ill-luck. I understand that people we care and trust have their own set of issues and may sometimes not live up to our expectations.

Others? Well, that's who I'm worried about. The virus has really poisoned our hearts. We're more restless than ever. We're taking offence and hitting back quicker than usual. We're so caught up with our broken dreams and failed plans.

When the world is in chaos, that's really when we need to keep everything together. Watch what you say. Don't act on impulse. Keep calm. Don't lose hope.

I don't know when all this chaos and craziness will end. I don't how much longer our suffering will last.

But what I do know is that we should keep living. Keep trying. And above all, keep feeling good, like we should...

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