Friday, February 1, 2019

My Chinese New Year Will Spark Joy - How About Yours?

Chinese New Year is just a few days away. 

And it's going to spark joy like never before!

I haven't felt this excited at such time of the year since childhood. Instead of dreading its coming like in previous years, I'm truly looking forward to CNY. I can barely contain myself - my heart's beating like a drum, my head's floating in the clouds. Last year was special enough, but this year is even more special.

This CNY sparks so much joy, for one very good reason:

I'm not coming home this CNY.

Question to self: Which part of CNY spark joy?

What makes that special, one may wonder? Let me count the ways...

1. I won't be stuck in traffic jams - on the contrary, will be enjoying a long stretch of peace and quiet in my neighbourhood as everyone else leaves the city to join the mad rush

2. I won't be stuffing my body with overpriced and unhealthy food - I'll happily settle with a nasi lemak than dine in a jam-packed, rowdy Chinese restaurant serving the same dishes that it serves all round the year

3. I won't need to dress up in nice fancy clothes - instead, I'll probably make time to declutter my wardrobe and donate away my old clothes to charity

4. I won't need to rush my work before CNY - unnecessary long vacations only serve to squeeze work deadlines and build up stress

5. I won't need to present an annual report of my life - here's my blog, feel free to read and comment, PM please for any further inquiries...

6. I won't be wasting time being stuck in traffic, downing food I don't particularly enjoy, shopping for clothes I don't need, avoiding work and telling my life stories over and over again to different people - instead, I could have more personal space and time for more purposeful pursuits (and maybe if I'm really bored and curious, check out how Marie Kondo's tips on minimalism compares to mine...)

I'm sure I'm not the only who feels this way about CNY, deep inside. That's why so many families are fleeing the country during CNY nowadays. A long-awaited family vacation? Nonsense. We're just finding excuses to escape reunions and relatives.

Ultimately, as Chinese, we need to ask ourselves one fundamental question:

Does your CNY truly spark joy?

For me, staying back in the city sparks the brightest of joy this CNY.

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