Thursday, February 21, 2019

Man Is Order, Woman Is Chaos

According to Dr. Jordan Peterson, there's a Yin-and-Yang dualism ingrained in human society: man is order, woman is chaos.

On the other hand, Marie Kondo is wowing the world with her deft skills in keeping everything in the house from clothing to utensils neatly packed, and her deep philosophy in decluttering by asking oneself "Does this spark joy?".

Who is in the right - the controversial psychologist, or the lifestyle guru?

As always, all great mysteries of the universe comes down to the classic answer: "It depends."

Let's run through some key areas, shall we?

* * *

1. Shopping

Man and woman enter into a mall.

Man directly heads to the store and purchases the item he's looking for within 10 minutes.

Woman wanders into all over the mall for the next 3 hours with hands full of stuff she didn't even know she needed until she saw them on sale.

Man: Order, Woman: Chaos

So many clothes, so little time

2. Food

Man and woman enter into a restaurant.

Man: "I'll have the set lunch, please."

Woman: "I'll have the set as well, but can I switch the main to salmon and replace fries with mashed... Oh, wait, I'm not that hungry, maybe I'll just have salad... Can I have your dessert menu? Oh wow, the tiramisu looks absolutely to-die-for..."

Man: Order, Woman: Chaos

3. Housekeeping

Okay, no contest on this one.

Girls tend to take more time and pride in keeping their home as homely as possible. It's a motherly instinct. They all can relate to Marie Kondo.

A typical guy's room look as if there's a mini tornado permanently spinning inside. (Occasionally though, the tornado does strike the girl's rooms too, especially hours before a fancy party or dinner.)

Man: Chaos, Woman: Order

4. Games

Man: "So, let's have a refresher on the rules of 'Settlers of Catan'..."

Woman: "C'mon, we just played last week. Stop mansplaining! Let's play!"

Man: "Okay, fine, everyone pick a colour..."

Woman: "Can I have yellow instead? What are its special powers again? Do I start with extra wheat?"

Man: "No, you do not! The colours are just to differentiate our pieces. Now, everyone roll the dice, player with the highest number starts first..."

Woman: "Oh, I got a 7! That's the robber! I want to steal your card!"

Man: "No, the game hasn't started yet!"

Man: Order, Woman: Chaos

For children above the age of 6 and women above the attention span of 10 seconds

5. Love

Man: "I love you, Marie."

Woman: "Oh, my heart sings with joy! But my heart is also torn in two. You shower me with kindness, whilst he splashes me with lavish gifts. Who is more sincere? Who is more loving? I don't know, Joe. I JUST DON'T KNOW!"

Man: "I love you, Marie. Indubitably."

Woman: "But do you? Will you sail the seven seas for me? Will you search for the heart of the star for me?"

Man: "Er... is that a rhetorical question?"

Woman: "No, that's what love means to me. So do you love me, Joe? Truly, madly, deeply? Forever and ever? Even if the heavens fall and hell freezes? Over the love of your mother and everyone else you ever love? To sacrifice everything you cherish to keep our love alive?"

Man: "Of course I love you, dear. But the part about giving up my family, well, I'm not sure if we need to go that far..."

Woman: "But I love you, Joe! I love you so much! I love you to the deepest of my heart!"

Man: "But you just said that you're torn between him and I..."

Woman: "Doesn't matter what I say, it's what I feel deep inside that matters!"

Man: Order, Woman: Chaos

* * *


Men are more orderly than women in some things, but not everything.

But Order doesn't necessarily means 'good', nor does Chaos means 'bad'. Just like Yin and Yang, both are just opposite sides of the binary state of nature. Both have their strengths and weaknesses.

It's also down to personal preference. Some like their romance to be original, some like it to be hot and spicy.

Likewise, I have a mix of both. Take this blog. There's Order in the timing of my articles (every 1st, 11th and 21st of the month), but Chaos in its content (law, love, life, etc.).

For now, I think there's more Chaos than Order in me. Maybe it's because I'm still young, exploring, and haven't quite settled down. As Dr. Peterson said, it is only through the bubbling cauldron of Chaos that a new magical Order can be formed.

And maybe, just maybe, since I'm a man of Chaos, what I need now more than ever is a woman of Order...

"Greetings, I'm Sir Chaos, will thee wish to be my Lady Order?"

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