Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Difference Between Managers And Leaders

No one enjoys working under a terrible boss. Whether you're at school or work. They think they know everything, but they don't. They suck the life out of their minions. They don't even do any proper work.

Of course, 'boss' is such a crude word. Instead, they tend to carry pompous titles such as 'senior executive', 'lead administrator' and 'vice director'. At their worst, they deserve to be called names that I'd rather not say. At their best, they are 'managers'.

Managers are mediocre. Average and Adequate. They're not bad people, but they aren't good for you either.

Leaders are who we really need. They don't bother with titles. They inspire people to rise to their level. And above all, they actually shit done.

Managers vs Managers

Here's 10 ways to tell the difference between a manager and a leader:

1. A manager delegates, a leader decides

2. A manager focuses on setting rules, a leader focuses on getting results

3. A manager works on jobs, a leader goes on missions

4. A manager calls for help, a leader is called to help  

5. A manager's power comes from position, a leader's position comes from power

6. A manager blames his subordinates for his own mistakes, a leader blames himself for the mistakes of his subordinates

7. A manager defines success as the absence of failure, a leader defines failure as the absence of success

8. A manager arranges meetings to talk, a leader arranges meetings to listen

9. A manager thinks himself as a leader, a leader doesn't think much of himself as anything.

10. A manager instructs, a leader inspires

Manager vs leader

A World Of Leaders

Unfortunately, true leaders are hard to find, managers spring up everywhere. Hence, chances are, we end up working for the latter.

We can't really control who we work for, but we can control those who work under us.

So be a leader to others. A leaders inspires others to step up as leaders as well. A leader isn't worried about losing power. A leader isn't worried being replaced. A leader isn't worried if others lead instead.

For everyone can and should be a leader.

For leadership is a state of being, not a title of authority. A leader is someone who merely leads the way. A leader doesn't and shouldn't aim to stay in the lead forever. A leader leads when he's the right person to lead, and steps back when he's not.

Managers tend to stick around at the top forever. Leaders come and go.

And that's why, ironically enough, it's easier to encounter a manager than a leader.

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