Wednesday, April 11, 2018

3 Reasons Why Moving Places Is Such A Pain

I hate moving places.

I've only moved places twice in the last ten years - the second time being just last weekend.

The physical hassle of migration itself - packing, moving and unpacking - is one thing. But the real pain is mental and emotional.

My life is empty

1. Changing Habits

Whenever you move to a new place, you're forced to change your habits.

The locks on the door and gate are manifold - I need an extra 2 to 3 seconds to enter the house.

The stairs is steeper - I can't hop my way up in haste (and nearly tripped and fell the first few times)

The kitchen is smaller and more packed - I have to gingerly move things around to avoid breaking them

The bedroom is bigger, but the angles and dimensions are different - I have to puzzle hard over the arrangement of my stuff

The entire house faces the opposite direction - I can't enjoy the natural light of the sun in the morning

Sure, it's ultimately just a matter of getting used to the new place. But it's still such a pain to change habits you've subconsciously built up over the last few years.

2. Evoking Memories

Packing is a walk through memory lane. As you rummage through boxes you've stashed away in some obscure corner, you're bound to uncover buried treasures from the past.

Photos of your younger years, fresh-faced and smiling.

Souvenirs attached to touching appreciative notes.

Your favourite clothes.

Your old Backstreet Boys CD albums.

The random lucky draw gift you won and never got to use or give away.

Nostalgia carries about a powerful wave of emotions. Especially if you're someone who constantly peers far into the horizon, like me.

Happier times

3. Starting Afresh

Ultimately, moving out feels like moving on to a new phase in life. A rude awakening. A chapter is closed, a new adventure begins.

You're moving to a new neighbourhood. People are different there. And they lead a different lifestyle.

Should I move on to a new job?

Should I take on a new passion?

Should I make new friends?

Even as focused I am, I can't help but feeling if moving out is a sign of bigger changes to come. 

Changes I should make. Changes I should've made long before.

Keep On Moving

It's funny that I can feel so affected with moving out. After all, aren't I always rambling on about changing lanes and climbing new peaks?

Maybe this time will be different. 

Maybe this time I won't stay put in one spot for far too long.

Maybe this time I'll keep on moving in life.

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