Monday, December 11, 2017

PROGRESS (2017 Q4 Report)

In a new running routine, I will issue a quarterly report of my life (four times a year, every three months), summed in a single-word title. First quarter was about FAILURE, second quarter was about PATIENCE, and third quarter was about STRESS.

I had to had a long think before coming up with the title. A few came to mind:




Okay, I just made that last one up. Yes, very positive words indeed. How unlike me, right? I mean, just last week I was going on and on about negativity...

Lost the battle, but winning the war

Can't Stop The Feeling

It's understandable why I feel a bit breezy, flighty, with an extra spring in my step. It's the last quarter of the year, Christmas being round the corner...

But more importantly, the last few months have been quite good for me. Good, as in the results of the teams I've been helping so far.

Two runners-up spot in two regionals, two semi-finalists in one national - that's like 2 silvers and 1 bronze in 3 competitions.

Not too shabby, eh? I meant to report more about their incredible journey, to celebrate their victories, to let loose with some humble-bragging. I do owe them an appreciation posts or two. (Sorry, I'll get to it soon!)

Other mentors from other teams have the luxury of going cray-crazy with celebrations and jubilations on social media. But not me. Unlike them, I barely have a moment to catch my breath in between one battle after another to pose and smile for the cameras.

I've got, like, actual mentoring to do, you know? I'm out on the trenches, doing patrols, taking notes, staying up with the troops late into the night crafting cunning plans to take down the opponents at the break of dawn... 

MIA, too busy throwing a Kylo Ren-like tantrum at the back...

The Journey Never Ends

Ultimately, why I thought words like "VICTORY" and "CELEBERATION" didn't quite sound right is because they both sound rather climatic, as if I've reached the peak at the end of my journey, and that's it, everyone lives happily ever after...

No, that's not what those good results mean to me at all. The work I'm doing, it's still a work in progress. Parts are shaping up fine, ingredients brewing into a fine concoction, formula seems to add up...

Yes, I know 'PROGRESS' is not a very sexy word. After the climax subsides, and your partner turns to you and ask coyly "How was it?". "Great, we're making progress" is not exactly the response that will get her pumped up for the rest of the night...

But the word best captures what I'm going through right now - or rather, pretty much all the challenges we go through in law, love, and life...

Sore but smiling

Up, Up and Away!

Every good result is just a small step towards the larger goal.

That's not meant to downplay my teams' successes. They did well. They deserve a celebration.

But have they hit their peak? Not at all. They can do better. They can think faster. They can go higher.

When Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, he didn't gloat "WHEE! Look at me, look at me! I beat 'em lousy Comie bastards to the stars! USA! USA! USA!"

Instead, in very humble tones, he said: "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for humanity".
That's obviously not me, of course - I only shoot for the stars, baby!

Life Is Good, But Gets Better

I've made good progress, but there's still a lot of work to be done.

The future is bright, but it can only get brighter.

There's cause for celebration, but there are bigger victories to toast to.

Hence, I don't feel like jumping for joy just yet.

The peak is still high above the clouds, further than the eye can see. There will be tough tumbles along the way, I'm sure. There may be an epic failure waiting to drop, anytime now. There will be hardships and heartbreaks.

But that's life. Life is a never-ending journey. Life has no limits.

Life is about progress. And so far, progress - and life - has been good.

And the best thing is, life only gets better in time.

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