Wednesday, June 21, 2017

PATIENCE (2017 Q2 Report)

In a new running routine, I will issue a quarterly report of my life (four times a year, every three months), summed in a single-word title. Last quarter, it was about FAILURE. This time, something a little more positive.

It's a half past ten in the morning. I'm sitting at a café. Alone. Waiting.

We were supposed to meet at ten. Instead, all I got was a message. Saying they're running late. A nice touch, but if only it had come much earlier, I could have delayed coming to the café and not wasted time being stuck in a café. Alone. Waiting.

Ten years ago, my face would darken as an overcast. Rebuke my friends for their lateness. Demand that they owe me a treat. Maybe even cancel the appointment altogether.

But today, I'm past that.

Just a few more minutes won't kill me. Ruin my day's schedule. Wreck my day's mood.

I won't fall prey to anger. I'm stronger than that.


Patience Is Virtue

Through life, I'm learning to be patient.

Just because we've connected doesn't mean I deserve your full attention. That I should be on top of your mind. That I should be your entire focus.

And through patience, I'm getting on better with life.

Life cannot be perfectly planned. Life cannot be rushed. Life cannot be forced.

The world doesn't revolve around us. People don't fall over our feet whenever we want them to. The best things in life happens when we least expect it.

Life can be chaotic and crazy. And that makes life even more wonderful than we can ever imagine it to be.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Life Gets Better In Time

The year started off with failures after failures. It almost broke me. I came close to giving up hope.

But I held on. I stayed the course. I kept patient.

And after a few months, I'm finding my feet again. Things are looking up. My patience has been rewarded.

But that's not all. Things can only get better than this. Oh yes, I feel it coming.

For so long, I've been waiting for good things to happen. I'm still waiting for good things to happen. Time is on my side. Patience is my ally.

Life can only get better for those who wait.

And I can wait forever.

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