Saturday, January 21, 2017

It's Not A Small World After All

It's a small world after all, how we keep bumping into the same people...

But it's not. The world only seems small because we go the same places and mix with the same faces.

Yes, there's fun in familiarity. It's funny seeing how our friends react the same way to the same things. There's also sanity in stability. Waking up to the same person lying beside us every morning promises us that love we had yesterday will carry on tomorrow.

Growing up, from school to office, we meet a multitude of different people. And then, sometime between 20 and 30, we stop meeting people. We're contented with the social circle we have. We don't have room for more.

What a small miserable world we live in. The world is only as small as your mind.

Small minds

How sure are you that your childhood friend would make a good adulthood friend?

How many people actually move along the same course all their lives as if bound by foot in a three-legged race?

Even if you live till the ripe age of 80, what are the chances you will meet your BFF within the first 25 years of your life?

People change. And so do you.

Friends, once close, drift apart. That's life.

Don't let your social circle hold you back. Keep searching, keep moving. There's a whole world out there. You've barely met people beyond your fences.

Bored of hearing the same old stories? Break out from your clique and meet new people.

Tired of doing the same old routine? Pick up a new interest and meet new people.

Sick of going through the same old drama? Cut ties and meet new people.

Go international, Pitbull-style

There's a whole world of people out there of whom you've never met before, and you'll never meet in your lifetime if you never step out of your imaginary small world.

Get out, talk to strangers, forge new relationships.

It's a big world out there. Go live it. Meet new people.

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