Thursday, July 21, 2016

Open Your Heart, Speak Your Mind

I like to start off with a shout-out to someone close to heart. An amazing writer. Writing as long as I have (maybe even longer) to entertain, enlighten and empower others.

Please, say hello to Razif Nasardin - who is getting rather busy sharing his poetry and opinions through his website called Midnight Ruminate, Twitter and Facebook (in which he only joined last week).

After years of writing in the shadows, he has finally taken a big step towards sharing his wonderful works with the rest of the world. I'm so happy for him!

Next, let this is a war-cry for all you other folks out there to step up, stand up and speak up!

Stand tall, speak up

Free From Fear

We all have lots to share - knowledge, experience, ideas, and so on. Yet, we often hold back. Hiding our creative works like pirates burying treasure.

But why?

Stop worrying about stepping on people's toes. Stop being scared of your own shadow. Stop underestimating the strength of your own voice.

Be proud of your viewpoints. Stand firm to your principles. Let the haters be hatin', and trollers be trollin'. Ignore the senseless noise, engage the sensible discourse.

And then there are those fear to speak up because they fear for their lives and livelihood. Fair concerns, yes. To speak up is to expose oneself to being judged, and no one enjoys being judged - especially in places where jail may be the destination if judgment goes against you.

But to go give in to fear, is to give up on freedom. And as much as you wish to earn enough to keep food on table and pay the mortgage, there comes a time when the question arises: is a life without freedom worth living at all?

Let It Go, Let It Go!!!

Go on, start sharing your stories already!

Can't write an essay? Then post a short note, or even a tweet. Say something, say anything! Concerned about the current state of education? Speak up! Sick of national politics? Speak up!

Open your heart! Speak your mind!

There will always be someone, somewhere out there, listening.

I have a lot of stories to tell. So tell me yours, for a change. I can hear your silent thoughts buzzing, dying to burst out and soar through the winds. Let it go! LET IT GO!

I'm listening. The world is listening.

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