Saturday, May 21, 2016

I Am Not Normal, And Neither Are You

How do I sleep so little? How do I live without TV at home? How do I not eat snacks?

Don't ask me how I do it. If you have to ask, means you're never going to understand and do what I do.

Okay, maybe 'never' is too strong a word, so I'll settle with 'very likely not'.

What I do is not normal. Then again, what you do is also not normal. Normality is relative. Just because a lot of people do something, doesn't make it normal. Eating chocolates is not normal. Watching movies is not normal. Heck, even going to work is not normal. Maybe people get by life, without doing any of those things.

How 'normal' people live their lives

Most of what we do, day after day, are social constructs. That is, things that are made acceptable and to seem 'normal' by society.

Lots of people love snacks. They'll stock up their fridge with snacks. And every month or so, they'll pick something out, stare at the expiry date, and mournfully dump it in the bin. Now, don't tell me that's normal.

Old habits die hard. We build habits - not from any continual joy or satisfaction (pass the initial joy and satisfaction), but because life seems more bearable that way. Certain. Structured. We, as humans, are creatures of habits. Having habits is 'normal' behaviour - or so we like to think.

You may think me as weird for articulating this aloud. It's alright. It would be rather - as what you would like to call it - 'normal' of you to think so. I get it all the time. I give an 'abnormal' view about something, and people call it as weird. And after hearing more of such 'abnormal' views from me, then they call me as weird. It's alright. 'Weird' means nothing to me, just like the word 'normal'.

What is 'normal' to you, your social circle, or even a whole country, may not be 'normal' to others. Hell, what's 'normal' to humans on Earth, in the Milky Way, or even the whole damn universe, may not be 'normal' to the many alternate realities that (very likely) exist out there. I don't try or pretend to be 'abnormal'. How can I? I don't even know what 'normal' means.

Why bother being 'normal' (or 'abnormal') anyway? Just be yourself. Do what you feel like doing, deep down in your heart. Quit your job. Abstain from chocolates. Just do whatever that pleases you - and not what pleases your family, friends, society and even God.

What 'abnormal' people think about how 'normal' people live their lives

Being normal? How overrated, misconstrued, and ultimately, pointless. No one's keeping score. You don't get a prize or free pass to Heaven for being 'normal'. Except for the artificial prizes and free passes that we create for ourselves and others, of course. 'Normality' is a fiction created by the sort of people who measures their lives based on their exam grades, work hours, digital likes, products purchased and restaurants visited - and keep track of their 'life achievements' by snapping photos and posting them on social media. They think they lead exciting lives. They feel good about telling people how they #partylikeabosscozitsfridaynightbitches. They need psychiatric help.

Why so serious? Why so much anger? Why the random rant? Well, I didn't actually plan on writing this. The idea just popped up, when I posted a status on Facebook one morning. Weird? Abnormal? Whatever.

Don't ask me why I'm writing this. If you have to ask, means you're never going to understand and think how I think.

Yes, and this time, I really mean 'never'.

Forget about being normal. It's not worth the time. Just be as you are.

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