Monday, December 21, 2015

The Gift of Giving

Every year, I look forward to Christmas. This year, not so much.

As a kid, I got very excited about receiving gifts. Then, as a young adult, the excitement came from hunting, choosing and buying the right gifts for the right people, and seeing the joy lit up in their eyes (that's when you know you've got it right).

But this year, I'm rather low on cash, and consequently, low on spirits. Wandering into the mall, the bright lights and cheery carols that usually enthralled me now left me with a pang of sadness. Times have been tough this year. The stars and tinkling seem to come from another world. A world of joy. A world I'm not a part of.

Not so merry little Christmas

Nothing To Give

Why do I feel so down? Yes, times have been tough this year. I gave up my job. I'm exploring new frontiers. I'm far from finding what I'm looking for. I'm struggling to keep myself together.

Christmas is about giving. And this year, I have little to give.

It's like how Santa would feel if he ran out of toys. Or how any man would feel if kids come carolling at his doorway and he has no candy to give away.

A Glimmer Of Light

And then, in the midst of my misery, I realised that Christmas is not just about giving presents away.

Yes, Christmas is about giving. But gifts can come in all shapes and sizes, including words of enlightenment. And gifts can be given at any time of the year, not just during the period of Christmas.

This year, I kept writing articles on this site - despite there being countless of moments when I seriously contemplated taking a break and struggled to find motivation.

This year, I took up tutoring at a local university - despite the money not being all that great and the time spent preparing and conducting the classes taxing a lot of my energy.

This year, I met a lot of new people to exchange ideas and advice - despite me feeling embarrassed to explain about how I'm doing, where I'm at and why did I leave the 'good life' all behind.

Despite not having much, I still found ways to continue giving whatever I can.

Back to school

The Gift Of Giving

And so now, on longer reflection, I don't feel that sad anymore.

For the greatest gift anyone can give to another is the gift of giving.

The giving of hope.

A gift that turns the receiver into a giver. A gift that creates more gifts. A gift that enriches the lives of many.

In my writings, teachings and advices, I have tried to plant the spirit of giving onto others.

This year, I have given more than I ever did before. And for that, I think I've earned myself a merry little Christmas.

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