Tuesday, July 21, 2015

10 Random Tips That May Change Your Life For The Better

1. Conveniently forget a woman's age. But never forget their birthday.

2. Treat your friends, once in a while. Splitting bills to the cents is like saying that you're never going to share another meal with them again.

3. Don't shout. It drowns out sensibility and sincerity.

4. Never make a man wait for you outside while you dress up for a date. To kill time, they might be texting another lady with prompt and punctual responses.

5. Offer to accompany your girlfriend shopping. That way, you know what to buy for her birthday.

6. Invest more on a computer than a television. You can create your own words and worlds with one, but not the other.

7. Learn how to swim. Your crush might suddenly invite you out skinny-dipping.

8. Be wary if your boss tells you "Keep up the good work". It means that there are lots of work coming your way soon.

9. Look for more than economic and emotional stability in a man. Every lady should be economically and emotionally stable in her own right.

10. Never stop meeting new people and making new friends. The ones close to heart may actually be the ones far from home.


  1. Randomly clicked on your blog and it's good to see you're still writing. Even though this entry is pretty different from your usual style, I liked it. Hope you've been well, Raphael. :)

    1. Random? What do you mean 'random'? You mean you don't regularly check on my blog?

      Hah kidding! Glad you liked it! ;)

      You're off the grid again. How do I contact you? Drop me an email?

    2. Hahah, I really should. I feel very few friends would talk about skinny-dipping...
      Good to know some things don't change. :P

      Wanted to look you up over Raya break but realized I didn't have your number (or your email add, for that matter).
      Here's mine: kumitaa@gmail.com

      Catch up soon, I hope? :)