Thursday, December 11, 2014

Why It's Okay For Ladies To Fall For Rich And Powerful Men (And When It Isn't)

Ladies, admit it. There's something awfully alluring about rich and powerful men. The way he zooms through the freeway in his shiny sports car; the way he swaggers into restaurants - without ever needing to make bookings in advance - where all the waiters know his name. Don't be ashamed, ladies. Ignore the cruel, envious jibes from the lowly plebeians about you being a gold-digger. There are plenty of good reasons to fall for rich and powerful men.

Then again, the same good reasons can often turn out to be bad excuses, if the heart isn't at the right place.

1. Wealth And Power Are Signs Of A Successful Man

Why Ladies Get It Right: Wealth and power is a measure of a man's success - in terms of ambition, work rate and skills. No lady wants to fall for a loser. Every lady gravitates to winners. That's why quarterbacks (sports), singers (music) and lead actors (entertainment) always get the highest female adoration. The more successful men appear to be, the more attractive they are.

Where Ladies Go Wrong: But not every rich and powerful men became rich and powerful because of their own success. Some are beneficiaries of inheritance, corruption or both. Not every entrepreneur is a rags-to-riches maverick, nor has every CEO climbed up the corporate ladder from the bottom rung. Some have a head start over others. So ladies, please dig deeper. For under the swirl of cigar smoke and Versace shirt may lie a heart of a loser.

The face of success

2. Wealth And Power Can Provide Security To Women

Why Ladies Get It Right: Money can't buy happiness outright. But money can buy a lot of things that maketh a woman happy. There are the superficial things: diamond ring, house by the beach, and shopping trips to Paris and Milan. But there are also the meaningful things: health and medical insurance, kid's college fees and retirement savings. Power, too, is useful to have in abundance. With power, one can skip queues and still get the front seats. Life can be very secure, with wealth and power.

Where Ladies Go Wrong: Physical security is one thing, emotional security is another. Wealth and power can attract trouble, just as easily as they solve it. When a man has too much wealth and power to throw around, his eyes start to rove and hands itch. Then there are ladies which soar around like vultures, hungry for a piece of your man - or rather, a piece of his treasure trove. Beware, ladies. For wealth and power may lead to infidelities and anguish. The diamond ring around your finger may be pretty, but may not be the last one that your man ever buys.

Beware the tiger in the woods

3. Wealth And Time Sacrificed On A Woman Reflects How Much A Man Loves Her

Why Ladies Get It Right: The more money and time a man spends on a woman, the more he loves her. Love requires sacrifices. When a guy is willing to spend his hard-earned fortune to win a girl's heart (by buying flowers and expensive dinners) and doesn't mind standing whole night in the pouring rain begging forgiveness (for forgetting to buy flowers and an expensive dinner on their monthly anniversary), the girl knows for sure that the guy is seriously into her for the long haul.

Where Ladies Go Wrong: But what the girl doesn't quite realise is that rich and powerful guys have all the money and time in the world. Flowers and expensive dinners? No problem, just a drop of water to his ocean of wealth. Also, he may be showering gifts on a dozen women at the same time. Standing outside in the pouring rain? No problem, for he doesn't need to wake up at 7 the next morning to rush to office like the rest of the world. Also, he may later have a lunch date with a model he met last Friday at the club. Don't judge a man merely by how much he spends on you, but rather, how much he spends on you relative to what he has to spare. A poor bloke sacrificing his entire week's wage to take a girl out for a movie means so much more than a spoilt brat using a paltry sum of his monthly allowance to take a girl out for champagne lunch.

It's good to be prince 

Judge A Book Not By Its Cover

It's perfectly sensible for a woman to judge a man by his wealth and power, for such qualities are strong indicators of a man who's worth her while. Strong, but not absolute - that's the caveat.

It's tempting to judge a book by its cover. And why not? After all, the cover reveals crucial information on its quality - author, publisher, review blurbs, number of copies sold, and awards won. A riveting story, more likely than not, underlies an impressive cover.

Then again, a cover alone doesn't tell the whole story, nor guarantee a good story. Wealth and power are but covers to the storybook of love. On their own, they can catch the eye and excite the hormones, but they can never quite capture the heart.


  1. The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

    1. Well said! Such a nice ring, too. I'll probably quote it in one of my articles, someday.