Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Here I stand
At the cusp of now and then

Where slivers of horizons divide
What is and what will be
The here and beyond

"Age is just a number" they say

But they are wrong, oh so wrong
Age is more than just a number
It's a milestone, a reality check
A measure of a lifetime

How far have I journeyed?

What am I worth?
Where do I go from here?
I ask myself, each day
And keep asking I shall, till my dying day

"You have a long life ahead of you" they say

And so what, if I do?
I live each day, as if I don't 
There is no moment but the present
No day but today

As I lay

In the dark of night
The longing, the hoping
Dreams be wicked, when they lull us to sleep
Dreams be true, when they jolt us awake

Life is short

Stop waiting, start living
Every waking thought, every gust of breath
A seer, I'm not
Only a man who fears not death

Walk on, walk on...

Photo courtesy of Fung

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