Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sleep Is For The Weak

Unlike most people, sleep is not my hobby.

I can't remember the last time I had an 8-hour sleep. No matter how exhausted I feel or wasted I got the night before, I'll automatically wake up between 7 or 9 every morning without fail.

I don't even turn on the alarm anymore (except if I need to get up before 7). My body clock is programmed to near mechanical precision.

How do I pull this off?


Habit Is Your Wake-Up Clock

It's all down to habit.

In my early years of work, setting an alarm is inevitable. I couldn't take the risk of oversleeping and missing critical appointments. Waking up early in the morning was by sheer brute force in the face of agony.

But after awhile, I noticed I was waking up even before the alarm rang. Setting alarm became a backup safety net, and no longer a necessity.

There's also a neat trick that I apply. It has to do with our circadian rhythm. Why do we feel sleepy at night? It's a combination of lighting and temperature. It's easy to slip into slumber in a cold and dark room. Similarly, our body tends to jolt up once the lights turn on and room heats up.

So my trick is to sleep with my head facing the window with half-drawn curtain. Once dawn breaks, sunlight bathes over me. And that's a good enough alarm clock.

Why am I so adverse to sleeping longer?

Sleep Less, Do More

We only have 24 hours per day. Sleeping for 8 hours per day means spending 1/3 of your lifetime unconscious in bed. That's sad and wasteful.

With more waking hours, I have more time to do the things I enjoy. Same can you. It's that simple.

Stop rolling around on the bed. Live life to the fullest.

So remember, kids. Sleep is for the weak!

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