Thursday, September 1, 2016

10 Valuable Truths About Life

1. Don't argue with random people over the Internet. It's not worth it.

2. When someone you just met promises to stay in touch, assume they won't. No matter how genuine they seem, even if you bought them drinks.

3. When a girl asks a guy how does she look in her new dress, he should always say she looks great. No girl wants to be told she spent money on the wrong thing, and every girl secretly thinks they look great in everything.

4. Don't feel bad if people don't take your advice. Some people just want to know their options.

5. When someone gives you a deadline to complete a task, get it done a day or two before. When you give someone a deadline to complete a task, assume they would need an extra week.

6. Be careful wishing for the things that people have but you don't. There's always a terrible price to pay that they're not telling.

7. When attending social events, tell yourself "I want to build relationships" instead of "I'm here to network". You'll be amazed how many interesting people you'll meet and how much fun you'll have.

8. Don't brag about how great you are to people. If you are truly great enough, others will be voluntarily doing the bragging on your behalf.

9. The first step of striving for more is to be happy with what you have. That way, even if you fail to get what you strived for, you lost nothing and would still be happy.

10. Don't dwell in the past, don't look too far into the future. Live the moment.

Not great, still happy

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