Sunday, November 1, 2015

3 Secrets To Living A Longer and Happier Life

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Well, if you're looking for life-changing secrets, you're gravely mistaken (and cruelly misled). All I'm here to tell you is that there are lots of writers claiming to know all the deep secrets you ever need to know, but they actually don't.

Don't judge a book by its title. And also articles like this. They're all lies.

You don't simply stumble upon gold nuggets lying on the ground in your evening stroll. Similarly, you won't simply find secrets off the bookshelf and the Internet.

Yes, you know what I'm talking about. Worthless trash with enticing titles like:
  • 5 Tricks That Will Make Your Man Screaming Out Your Name And Never Leave Your Bed
  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Give Up Your Shitty Corporate Job And Travel Around The World Before You're 30
  • The Power Of Attraction: How You Can Take A Dump At Any Place And Get Others To Clean Your Shit Up All The Time

I'm not saying you can't find some interesting facts and opinions in such pieces. It'll probably be a fun and enjoyable read, too.

The problem is treating this stuff as your compass in life. Please don't. Because they don't really tell you anything that you don't already know (unless you're really thick, which means you wouldn't know what to do with the knowledge anyway, so why bother knowing?). Because when you come right down to it, they're worthless trash.

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Pulp Fiction

Why are such trash so addictive?
  • First, they play on your insecurities (you're inadequate and need serious help)
  • Then, they make you feel on top of the world (you're just as great as the other great achievers in the world, if you only had more faith and confidence)
  • Finally, they congratulate you on coming within a step away from attaining greatness (you're almost there once you're done reading, just a few extra more simple things to do, like reading a few follow-up books/articles from the same author)

Why are such trash worthless?
  • They make you stupid (they feed you lies, fairy tales and bad advices that don't work)
  • They make you lazy (they lull you into complacency by thinking their 'shortcuts and' cheat sheets' will guarantee you success)
  • They make you unhappy (they keep claiming you're missing out on something big in life - well, that's the only way they can trick you into reading and buying more of their trash)

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There are secrets in the world. You just won't find them in books and articles. The better writers will tell you ways on how to find secrets (feel free to read them, but just don't expect secrets to be handed out on a silver platter).

Everyone has to find unearth their own secrets somewhere. Everyone has their own path to tread.

But most people today are too lazy to strike out on their own. That's the trouble with digital technology. We're all in a constant chase for instant gratification. We're so used to getting what we want, with a click of a button. And once we don't get what we want in the next minute or two, we immediately panic, get hopelessly lost and give up on finding a workaround.

We lack patience to learn and grow. We expect wisdom to be packaged in a 50-dollar podcast by some renowned evangelist. If one day AI machines take over the world, it will not only be because they have evolved into more intelligent beings - it will also be because technology has reduced us into hapless creatures who can't think and fend for ourselves.

He knows 10x more secrets than all the Elite Daily staff combined - read this

Think For Yourself

On searching for secrets, Peter Thiel in his book 'Zero To One' gives plentiful of good advice. Towards the end, he sums it up brilliantly:

"The essential first step is to think for yourself."

Ditch away the feel-good self-help books. Plug yourself out from Internet noise.

Ignore the 'experts' and 'gurus'. You deserve better than their shitty advice.

Think for yourself. You're good enough for that.


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